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Succeed Together

Our compnay ShenZhen Zvkai Industrial Co.,Ltd  was founded in  2015, we are the mobile phone cable & adapter manufactuer as well as sourcing agent & fulfillment center in China . 

Who We Are ?

Why Should Choose us ?

We are not only doing the sourcing & fulfillment business in China , we have our own factory with 40+ employees and two warehouse , they were used for mobile phone cable & adapter manufacturing only , But we are now using these existing resources for sourcing & fulfillment business , it will make everything become cheaper than other fulfillment service providers . 

What Services We Provide ?

Our services including FREE stocking , FREE packing , FREE checking Qty and quality .and then send to your country with the express method you like .

We can also help you buyer everything you want in China.

How Much We will Charge U ?

This will be the cheapest fulfillment services you could ever find in China .

if you want us to help you buy the products , we will charge 5% of the goods value as our profit.

For example:

If you ask us to buy $100 products from China ,
Then we will charge
$100x5%  =  $5 as our profit to do these services for you .



What Payment Methods ?

To help you save money from international payment transfer , our company registered our business bank accounts in Germany , USA , UK , Canada , Singapore , Australia , New Zealand, HongKong etc , Meaning you can pay us just like you do the domestric payment transfer . Free of bank charges !

But if you want to use PayPal ,need to add 4.5% , if Aliexpress need to add 8% .