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Get a FREE quote, simply by sending us pictures of your product. We'll promptly help you find the best price and shipping option.
To Maintain Competitive Pricing, STOP These Outdated Procurement Methods:

1.Purchasing through foreign B2B platforms
2.Sourcing from local importers and wholesalers
3.Receiving daily wholesale parcels from different suppliers

Use these six strategies to cut your product prices by 20-50% or more:

1.An intelligent 1:1 mixed packing strategy system to save additional shipping costs due to volume weight exceeding net weight.

2.Professional international freight partners design optimal shipping solutions according to your needs. Enjoy low-cost air freight, with 2-5 days delivery from China to your company.

3.As a native Chinese company, our 10+ years of procurement experience outpaces foreign buyers. Get privileged prices like Chinese dealers.

4.Our language advantage helps us find manufacturers for your products and negotiate, giving you access to factory prices.

5.Our company in Shenzhen, one of China's most developed cities, serves as a transit warehouse for your products, with free storage, product quality checks, and assistance in returning defective goods.

6.We have bank accounts in several countries, saving you international bank transaction fees.

Optimizing your product prices is our mission. We charge only 10% of the total order price as a service fee with no hidden charges. Other Chinese procurement agents charge for storage, packing, boxing, labeling, testing, and higher per kg shipping rates. They also don't help you save on volume weight shipping costs with a 1:1 mixed packing strategy. Their average profit rate is over 30%.

If you're interested in collaborating, we can be your reliable bridge to China, the world's largest factory. From electronics to fashion, machinery to consumer goods, we help you navigate the vast Chinese market. Join us for free global hot product research reports every month, helping you catch the latest product trends!

Zvkai Co ShenZhen Warehouse
China's premier procurement agency
cut your product prices by 20-50% or more
The Latest Service

In the current turbulent global trade environment, our company is here to offer you reliable solutions. If trade barriers, economic sanctions, or payment difficulties are impacting the operation of your multinational business, we can help. Especially for users from countries such as Russia, Belarus, and Cambodia, who may face difficulties purchasing Chinese goods with US dollars, please rest assured that we can work together. Additionally, if you require tax-avoidance solutions, we can provide you with tax-free logistics channels. Please contact us at or via WhatsApp at +8613175737313, and we will do our best to provide you with satisfactory service.

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