Respond time is very important for me, the ecommerce is changing every day. When I need implement some great ideas, I need confirm something like stock, price etc. with my vendor. However, they always respond very slow, either they saying it is too late, or we will reply later. Without these information, I cannot move forward. Zvkai really shock me out, they always respond fast no matter how late it is in China and if it is Chinese holiday. They are really great business partners.


I have been working for a supplier for about 6 months when I had sales of 1000-3000 orders daily, we were good. But I when started to scale and got more than 3000 orders daily, my previous supplier can hardly follow up, so I have to stop scaling until I found Zvkai. With the help of Zvkai, I never worried about the fulfillment, even sometimes we got 5000 orders one day, Zvkai can totally support my sales. This is amazing that how can Zvkai be so flexible.


We always spent a lot time on saving money on international shipping. But now with Zvkai , we can ask our suppliers send to Zvkai's warehouse , they will pack different products into one box and send to my French company with very good DHL agent shipping .They are really great business partners..


i love the quality of iphone 12 pro max charger and iphone 11 pro case that Zvkai Co supply to our company . Good job Zvkai !!!


Zvkai treats our business as their own. They have, from day one, gone the extra mile to make sure we get the most cost-effective solution. We highly recommend partnering with them.