Why You Need a TaoBao Agent ?

Taobao.com is a Chinese online shopping website, headquartered in Hangzhou, and owned by Alibaba. It is the world's biggest e-commerce website and the seventh most visited website according to Alexa. You can buy almost everything you want with very good price in taobao .

BUT if you are a foreigner , it will be a headache to use taobao , although you can get a Taobao buyer account with your email and use your credit card to pay on it . But your account cant be verified by taobao Real Name Authentication System , meaning if you want to ask refund and sellers only agree to give you partial refund , your account will not be able to have that partial refund unless they give you full refund ,money will back to your credit card .

Language is the other problem , if you are not good at Chinese language , it's hard to get the same thing with better price , you don't know how to use different synonyms to find the same product , you don't even know what the sellers say sometimes , that will lead to unnecessary trouble 。

At last is the shipping and warehousing , if you don't have an warehouse in China , you can't receive the goods , Taobao sellers don't know how to use goods to other countries with internetional express .

At these points you will need a sourcing agent like our company , we can help you buy everything from China and send with best internertional shipping . we will only charge you a little bit commission for doing all of these services .

we have many business bank accounts in USA , UK , NZ , AU , JP , HK , DE etc , you can transfer payments to us just like you sending money in your country , NO internetional bank commission !!

Just feel free contact us if you are interested in our service :

email : zvkai@zvkai.com

whatsapp: +8613175737313

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