What does Chinese People Think Of HongKong Protests

At first I have to say that is my personal opinion, But I believe most of Chinese mainlanders have the same feeling with mine . As a mainlander in Shenzhen & Guangzhou China , I’ve experienced the rapid changes of China in the past 10 years. Just take the mobile phones for example, 10 years ago I used Nokia , then HTC , Samsung , and from iPhone 5s to now iPhone X , I used at least 10 mobile phones , and I’m going to use Huawei instead of iPhones in the future . Why I talking about mobile phones before we talking about the topic of HongKong protests 2019 ? Actually it’s same thing , in the past decades , many Chinese mainlanders dreamed of working in HongKong or living in HongKong . WHY ? Cos at that time HongKong is the most developed city in China . People like living in HongKong just like they dreamed of having a iPhone in the last . Who gave it the freedom and free economic policy to became such successful in the past decades? Answer is China ! Who gave the biggest market to Apple ? SAME answer . Before 1997 , Hong Kong was under British colonization ,Hong Kong people didn’t have human rights at all, and there was no system of universal suffrage for them . ONLY after 1997 ,Hong Kong came back to China and based under rule of “One Country Two Systems” HongKong citizens start to have real human rights and universal suffrage .

HongKong is just like a kid who had been separated with its mother China for many years , when it came back from 1997 , “mother” allowed it to have its own personality and gave it enough freedom and best economic policy to grow stronger. But no matter who , if you against the law ,You should bear the corresponding legal responsibility . HongKong is one of Chinese cities , No matter what it do, it must comply with Chinese laws and regulations Do you allow your child to scold you by pointing at your nose and not admitting you are his parents, and even want to punch you with his fist then lave away without considering the blood relationship and your hard work spending on him in the past decades. What will you do if your kids against you like this ? Honestly I think most of the parents will be very angry and want spank him . Don’t say to me that China mainland doesn’t have human right , I’m a original Chinese mainlander , living in Guangzhou , business in Shenzhen , and I’ve been traveling to many cities of China and other countries, if China don’t have human right , how can I manage to post this blog today ? Government monitoring those suspicious person it doesn’t means NO privacy, Government control those lawbreakers it doesn’t means NO human right, instead it is mean to well protect the Chinese citizens who abide by the law . At the end of this article, hope you guys watch this video , it will help you understand the history of HongKong and its relationship with China Did HongKong have Human Right Before 1997

Anyway , All in All , this is Vick from Zvkai Industrial Co , we are the mobile phone cables & adapter manufacturer as well as procurement agent in China ,Hope you guys love this article.

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