What is Huawei’s 5G Devices Back Up Plan ?

You might heard of Huawei HongMeng OS ,

But do you know what devices are contained in it’s 5G plan ?

Here, I'll give you a list of all the future 5G deivecs from Huawei .

Vision Smart Vision Plus Huawei Intouch Huawei InTouch Huawei Hilens Huawei NAE Huawei Ascend Huawei Luxound Huawei Melody Huawei Phoenix Huawei Sonata Huawei ACE Huawei Lark Huawei AXE Huawei Lyra Huawei HoLo Huawei IdeaHub Huawei CloudLink Huawei CloudWAN Huawei HiSecEngine Huawei ClusterRAN Huawei Nova Huawei Everest Huawei NetEngine Huawei 3D Live Maker Huawei Intelligence Huawei SmartSpace Huawei Autonomous Driving Network Huawei Honor Station Huawei Honor Life 100% accurate inner information Believe or not ,let’s see . if you want to import goods from China , for example Huawei accessories like Huawei Cables , Huawei Chargers / Adapters ,Huawei Batteries, just feel free contact us , Zvkai Sourcing agent will help you get everything you want from China ! zvkai@zvkai.com Whatsapp : +8613175737313

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